Break the cycle before more damage occurs

Seeking a different approach when the current results are disappointing is the best way to go forward.

In our search to repair nerve damage, regenerative healing was a blessing.

Find out how, over the years, Dr.DON KENNEDY helped over 170,000 people worldwide alleviate or even reverse their tingling, numbness and other damaged nerve symptoms. They noticed dramatic differences in poor nerve health in the first few weeks, results continuing to improve over the next months. Through follow-up surveys,  the majority noticed significant results.

Watch Dr.Don explaining more about his method in this video!

When bad luck struck, I marathon-read books on how people managed to beat the odds. These books are written by those who cured diseases that modern medicine most often fails to. I’m talking about M.S., degenerative diseases, The Big C, and other ‘in your face’ problems that usually worsen over time. Needless to say, we decided to follow their steps.

I found that they all had these three major things in common!


 1. They didn’t give up trying and searching.

Do not lose hope when everything seems to be working against you!

During the harsh times, enduring the stabbing, tingling pain and all those restless nights, what gave my sister hope was remembering the good times, visualizing herself doing the things she loved the most, and taking back her independence.

 Whether reading success stories gives you hope, or visualizing yourself no longer living in fear of the next flare up, or enjoying time with family and friends, your mental health can play a big role in your recovery! 

 2. They changed their diet. 

 Food & The Nerves is an ebook that also helped my sister tremendously. This guide contains proven strategies to ease nerve pain + 5 foods that make nerve pain worse

I include it in my list of resources and can even send it to you if you want.

Think about it, food is the substance we are most often putting into our bodies. When consumed properly, Food is Medicine

3. They turned to alternative medicine.

As long as there was a  >5% chance of success without any side effects or the risk of worsening their situation, they’d try it. Some followed alternative healing plans exclusively or in parallel with their conventional prescriptions.

This all-natural, GMO-free method that worked in our case, promised to prevent further damage, block the pain and help regenerate nerve tissue. I cannot express in words the feeling we had when we started seeing results. It totally delivered on its promise!  

PS: You can find a list of these inspiring book titles as well as the Food & The Nerves on your way to the video. (Just make sure you let me know where you want these files to be sent!)

I truly hope more and more people find their path to healing!

There is a lot of confusion and misinformation out there about alternative practices, so I’ll let Dr. Don clarify how his particular solution work:


Don Kennedy, DO, Ph.D, MBA, FAAFP

Dr. Don Kennedy first discovered his passion for medicine while in the Air Force. Upon graduating, he became a doctor and has been practicing geriatric medicine for over 40 years since. He’s won the Fawcett Memorial Hospital Humanitarian Award for exceptional doctors who save lives, and Charlotte County Physician of the Year.

Dr. Don Kennedy is a member of the National Health Service corp, Diplomat at the American College of Family Medicine, and has written a #1 best-selling book, called “5 AM And Already Behind”. 

Dr. Don Kennedy

For the past 40 years spent in geriatric medicine and urgent care, Dr. Don Kennedy has been doing everything from…

  • Saving heart attack victims...
  • Rescuing people from car crashes…
  • Doing hip replacements…
  • Helping diabetics with chronic neuropathy pain…
  • Stitching up little kids after bike wrecks...
  • And even delivering a few babies!

Regenerating fresh nerve tissue

  • A drug-free, all-natural nerve health solution without side effects was something we couldn't overlook
  • Addressing the root cause simply should't be postponed
  • For long-term healing healthy nerve tissue needs to be regenerated
  • Ideally the rood cause needs to be fixed and not just mask the pain


  • Feel like pins and needles
  • Go numb or lose sensation
  •  Hurt or give burning sensation in hands and feet
  • Give symptoms like loss of balance or coordination

What other people say:



"I am very pleased and blessed to have found this product. I have been taking it now for 2 months and I can tell almost immediately..."

Roberta M.
June 15, 2020


"MSgt Air Force retired . Vietnam veteran ,I was diagnosed with paripheral neuropathy approx.15years ago and am being treated with Medication to control the symptons but not correcting the nerve damage . One month and having great results. I'm a member of .."

James B. (LA )


"I began to have some burning and numbness from the bottom of my feet on when I turned 60. This product seems to have helped-especially when the right foot got injuired 7/1 and was an issue for 3-plus months.

Hint to users, they suggest storing it in your freezer as there are no preservatives."

Marian R. 

June 25, 2019



"Whether or not their products ultimately provide the results you hope for, there can be no doubt that everyone in the organisation cares..."

Anthony O
June 23, 2020